Parents face childcare dilemma as Christmas holidays  drag on   12 January 2018
As the Christmas break comes to an end and it is time to head back to work, many parents are left with the headache of how to care for their children for the few weeks of school holidays that remain……. read more

Teacher training, pay and performance: What makes a difference to kids?  30 November 2017
Teacher training, pay and performance are often the subject of studies and reports that generate tense public discussion, so let’s boil it down to one thing: what actually helps children learn?…… read more

Young Australians will wear the cost of Turnbull’s middle-income tax cuts 22 November 2017
Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has promised tax cuts for middle-income earners in the next budget or even earlier?…… read more

What kids and parents really want from early-childhood education 23 October 2017
The funding and availability of early childhood education centres remains a contentious issue. But what do kids think about their days in these centres?…… read more

What they’re teaching kids at kindy today    04 October 2017
BRISBANE child care centres are rolling out classes to help kids learn the most basic skills in order to stop them going hungry at lunch time…… more

Early learning report card: Australia is improving rapidly, but there’s more work to do    11 September 2017
Quality early education can set a child up for life, allowing them to develop to their full potential…… more

Childcare workers to walk-off job Thursday 03 September 2017
It will be the biggest early education walk-off in Australian history and will impact about 10,000 families………read more

Think Childcare Ltd share price sinks on half-year result release 15 August 2017
The Think Childcare Ltd (ASX: TNK) share price has sunk almost 5% lower to $2.00 following the release of its half-year result…… more

Grandparents isolated by full time child care; Bega Playability provides respite 11 August 2017
A growing number of grandparents are sacrificing their retirement plans to provide full time care to their grandchildren…… more

Why a Perth childcare centre lets kids to sleep outside, even when its rainy 08 August 2017
Little Learners in Perth, which cares for babies to five-year-old children, believes an outdoor sleeping policy benefits the kids and reduces absences by the common cold and allergies…… more

Free online advertisements for babysitters can come at a cost for desperate parents   02 August 2017
Babysitters have long served the needs of parents needing a night off or to fill in the gaps when child care isn’t an option…….read more

It’s time for the forgotten women of Australia to rise   27 July 2017
They rush to drop children at childcare at 7:30am, then ignore their baby’s tears as they speed away to find a carparking spot at the station, so they’ll be at their desk on time……read more

Australia is still lagging on some aspects of early childhood education    23 June 2017
The OECD’s latest Starting Strong report provides an update on early childhood education opportunities across the developed world, and a fresh insight into how Australian children are faring… more

One-third of pre schoolers own smartphones 21 June 2017
It appears owning a smartphone or tablet is the new normal for Australian children, raising serious health concerns among paediatricians…… more

TAFE director appeals for federal support  20 June 2017
TAFE diploma enrolments have plummeted by half due to red tape and federal intervention is needed to preserve quality training, according to the organisation’s managing director…….read more

NSW childcare fraudster denied bail  31 May 2017
A NSW childcare director jailed over more than $3.6 million worth of fraudulently obtained federal government payments has been denied bail pending an appeal...…… more

With its 2017 budget the government is still discouraging women    19 May 2017
The 2017 federal budget was pitched as a fair budget, but much depends on your definition of fairness. ..…… more

Machines begin caring for humans in China   30 April 2017
While it has become common to see robots on factory assembly lines, in China the machines have already begun providing the elderly with care and helping raise children at daycare centres. ..…… more

Why pay for child care you don’t use, like on public holidays? 12 April 2017
It’s a pet peeve of many parents with children in day care —getting slugged on public holidays when childcare centres shut their doors. ..…… more

Is the Greens’ proposal for a four-day working week a good idea? 15 March 2017
THE Greens have floated a radical idea to reduce the working week to just four days instead of five days, but is the idea as good as it sounds?..…… more

PM Turnbull takes hard stance on vaccinations   12 March 2017
Malcolm Turnbull is confident his plan to ban unvaccinated children from childcare centres and pre-schools will be enforced Australia-wide..…… more

Welfare, childcare bill passes lower house    01 March 2017
Parliament’s lower house has passed a government bill which makes cuts to some welfare payments while overhauling the childcare system. ...…… more

Labor expected to oppose government’s childcare overhaul plan     09 February 2017
Relief for parents paying childcare fees looks as far away as ever after Labor ruled out supporting a Turnbull government omnibus bill that bundles an overhaul of subsidies with welfare cuts...…… more

Kids left to wreck shops: ‘We’re not a childcare centre’ 23 January 2017
IT’S school holidays. And Lord knows by this stage of the game, it gets hard to entertain those little mites...…… more

FactCheck: what are the facts on rising child care prices? 18 January 2017
As the working year starts again and many children return to formal child care, Education Minister Simon Birmingham has called on Labor to support a suite of reforms he says will ensure prices rise more slowly..…… more

Senator’s insulting description of childcare workers  11 January 2017
The Project viewers were left stunned when Senator David Leyonhjelm described childcare workers’ roles as “wiping noses and stopping the kids from killing each other” in an interview on Tuesday night.…… more

Row over childcare places   02 January 2017
The federal government has warned of a looming shortage of childcare places…… more

Australia’s largest after-school care company banned from tendering for new contracts in NSW   08 December 2016
The country’s largest before-and-after-school care company, Camp Australia, has been banned from tendering for new contracts or renewing existing contracts at government schools in New South Wales, for failing to meet quality requirements.…… more

Early childhood educators rely on families to prop up low income, research finds    24 November 2016
Wages for qualified early childhood teachers have improved over time. However, incomes of those with vocational qualifications, including diplomas and certificates, remain low and do not reflect the responsibilities that characterise the role…… more

Who profits from Australia’s childcare system?    12 November 2016
Listed long-day care provider G8 Education made an $88.6 million profit in 2015-16…….read more

Australia’s largest childcare provider pressures Government to speed up plan to boost subsidies   07 November 2016
The country’s largest childcare provider is pressuring the Federal Government to speed up its plan to boost subsidies for working families……read more

Experts, educators split on whether preschoolers should be using digital devices  27 October 2016
It is a question almost every Australian parent will ask themselves: at what age should children be allowed to use digital devices?….. read more

The stay-at-home Dad debate: ‘When are you getting a real job?’   16 October 2016
Dad dilemmas: Stay-at-home dads have to wear the barbs, as well as the nappy-changes….. read more

Childcare employees’ pay too low to be able to start family, union says   07 October 2016
United Voice calls for 35% pay rise across a range of childcare positions, in submission to Fair Work Commission….. read more

‘No jab, no pay’ disadvantages migrant children   03 October 2016
The Commonwealth government’s “no jab, no pay” legislation is disadvantaging migrant children, say immunisation experts……… read more

Do ‘kindy bootcamps’ get children ready for school? 29 September 2016
A recent surge in private companies offering “skill and drill” school-readiness programs has been likened to “kindy bootcamps” by the media……… read more

Funding targets children in need  15 September 2016
A not-for-profit day care provider that operates centres in Dubbo has expressed disappointment after the NSW government announced an additional $115 million over 18 months for early childhood education……. read more

Sir Michael Marmot urges Australia to invest in early childhood to close Indigenous health gap 12 September 2016
If Australia wants to close the gap between the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, the traditional approach of treating disease will not do it, epidemiologist Sir Michael Marmot says…… read more

Is it time for Australia to provide preschool education for all three-year-olds?  02 September 2016
There is a clear move internationally towards delivery of two years of preschool, with early education being understood as a critical investment in human capital………….read more

One in four NSW childcare centres failing to meet national standards: report 27 August 2016
The Federal Government is urging the New South Wales Government to do more to make the state’s childcare centres compliant …………read more

Two men charged with childcare fraud in multi-million-dollar counter-terrorism investigation 13 August 2016
Two men have been charged with fraud and another two have been questioned in a multi-million-dollar Australian Federal Police (AFP) counter-terrorism and fraud investigation that has exposed gaping holes in Australia’s childcare system…………read more

Xenophon offers hope on childcare deal 08 August 2016
Parents awaiting changes to childcare subsidies may see a glimmer of hope from the new Senate crossbench……… more

The male breadwinner is an outdated relic 27 July 2016
It is time to dispense with a relic lingering at the core of our economy: the male breadwinner……… more

Four reasons your childcare bill is so high  20 July 2016
The average amount spent on childcare each week has more than doubled in little more than a decade……….read more

NSW man caught filming kids at childcare  06 July 2016
A man has allegedly been caught filming young children on his phone from outside a childcare centre in Sydney’s west……….read more

What Vote Compass reveals about paid parental leave and childcare 28 June 2016
Where do Australian voters stand on these critical issues for Australian families?……….read more

City needs schooling in delivering on childcare 23 June 2016
The City of Sydney is falling behind on plans to build six additional childcare centers by the end of this year, and one will not be built ever, according to Labor councillor Linda Scott……….read more

One in five early childhood educators plan to leave the profession 22 June 2016
Despite lip service being paid to the importance of early education, little is being done to encourage early education staff to stay in the profession……… more

Sydney hospital childcare centres privatised by stealth, NSW Opposition says  14 June 2016
Labor said in the past year, the Government had announced plans to close, scrap subsidies or privatise childcare centres at a number of hospitals across the city………read more

Child care choice: Will voters want a sugar hit or a more lasting solution? 07 June 2016
Labor’s long-awaited response to the government’s proposals on child care reveals a “quicker fix” approach that raises doubts about its sustainability………read more

New app boosts children’s learning in a week, researcher says 31 May 2016
An app being trialled in Queensland can drastically improve children’s reading and learning ability within a week, the researcher behind it says…… more

Preschool shouldn’t be an optional extra 30 May 2016
It is unfathomable that 23 per cent of children cannot access early learning due to the high cost…….read more

The best Mother’s Day gift? Paid parental leave   08 May 2016
What all Australian mothers want — is better paid parental leave, affordable childcare and a ramp at her local train station…….read more

Record number of men sign up for childcare courses at TAFE SWSi in Campbelltown  27 April 2016
TIMES are definitely changing with a record number of men studying childcare at TAFE SWSi in Campbelltown this year…….read more

The NSW suburbs and towns where the most babies were born in 2015  11 April 2016
The state’s baby hotspots have been revealed, with the majority found in Sydney’s west and south-west…….read more

Five ideas to help fix Australia’s tax system 10 April 2016
The government should fix the high effective tax rates caused by interactions between income tax, family benefits and childcare payments. ……read more

Government’s childcare changes could restrict access to learning: Indigenous peak body 04 April 2016
If the Government’s Jobs for Families Child Care legislation passes Parliament, many Aboriginal childcare centres face changes. ……read more

Playgroups give children better start at school      28 March 2016
Childcare experts are urging parents to get their kids into playgroups. ……read more

Thousands at risk of losing  benefits because of “no jab no pay” 15 March 2016
Thousands of Australians are at risk of having their welfare payments unfairly slashed because of inaccuracies in Australia’s immunisation register ……read more

Your guide to choosing childcare (Guide for Mums) 10 March 2016
Guide for those joing the ranks of the more than 726,000 Australian families who use approved child care……read more

130,000 kids lose out in childcare changes         04 March 2016
More than 130,000 children will be worse off by planned government changes to childcare……read more

Kids more likely to be vaccinated since start of ‘no jab no pay’  22 February 2016
Anecdotal evidence suggests parents are vaccinating their children at higher rates since the introduction of the federal government’s “no jab no pay” policy at the start of the year, which withholds childcare and family tax benefits from parents who do not immunise their children, according to doctors… more

Early childhood education is key to closing the gaps            10 February 2016
This year’s Closing the Gap report delivers a result that has become all too familiar in comparing outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians: not enough progress is being made… more

Australia’s fertile ground spawns a childcare boom 04 February 2016
With a volatile sharemarket, minuscule deposit rates, and looming apartment oversupply in key capital cities, childcare centres have emerged as something of an investment haven.. ……read more

After school care in Sydney: Hundreds of children stranded     02 February 2016
Parents Hundreds of children in the inner west are stranded without child care after the NSW Government failed to approve an emergency after care provider in time for the start of the school year. ……read more

Anti-vaxxers now keeping silent about kids’ immunisation status   24 January 2016
Parents who choose not to immunise their kids are keeping it a secret from family and friends, rather than have to justify their controversial decision……read more

One in five children starting school ‘developmentally vulnerable’ 17 January 2016
Research commissioned by the Australian government has found that one in five school kids is starting school are unprepared in at least one area…read more

Australian preschoolers take to Indonesian quicker than Japanese or French 12 January 2016 INDONESIAN might just be the fastest growing language among Australian preschoolers…….read more

Govt rejects $200 per day child care claims  04 January 2016
The Government is rejecting reports claiming childcare fees in parts of some capital cities – will rise above 200 dollars a day…….read more

Anti-obesity message aimed at preschoolers and toddlers 12 December 2015
PRESCHOOLERS, toddlers and even babies are being targeted by health experts in a bid to prevent any further blowout in the state’s child obesity crisis……read more

Christian Porter signals willingness to negotiate with Senate crossbench on family tax benefit changes 01 December 2015
The Federal Government says it is willing to further compromise with the Senate crossbench in order to pass the remainder of its planned changes to family tax benefits… more

Canberra childcare provider points to oversupply of places  21 November 2015
Canberra’s largest provider of paid childcare has claimed the city has an oversupply of more than 1300 long day care places….read more

Childcare industry fears families worse off under Government changes  09 November 2015
Childcare providers are warning the most disadvantaged children could drop out of early education….read more

High-income families to lose on childcare  02 November 2015
Families earning a combined income of over $230,000 will reportedly pay more for childcare under a new federal government plan….read more (link no longer available)

Grannies exemption doesn’t impress Labor      25 October 2015
The federal opposition has continued its attack on the government’s new families package despite the coalition indicating it could exempt grandparents from any cuts… more

NSW councils still unclear whether amalgamations will go ahead  16 October 2015
Mayor claims amalgamations would mean fewer council childcare centres. … more

Plan to tackle soaring childcare demand in Sydney’s eastern suburbs  05 October 2015
DEMAND for daycare spaces in Sydney’s eastern suburbs continues to climb, with one centre’s waiting list exploding to 1600 families. … more

Malcolm Turnbull moves childcare back into education portfolio  20 September 2015
CHILDCARE has been moved out of social services and back into the education portfolio in a move welcomed by the sector as recognition that early learning is an not just a welfare issue… more

Financial literacy and childcare changes will help women’s super  10 September 2015
Doing more on childcare and financial literacy are key elements in helping women’s retirement income, a panel agreed… more

Mooted ‘no vax’ NSW childcare centre slammed by health officials  04 September 2015
A northern NSW mother who wants to set up a “no vax” childcare centre has been slammed by health officials as irresponsible and dangerous. …….read more

Mums say leave crackdown devalues women  01 September 2015
Lieutenant Commander Sandra Croft has fought for Australia and now she is fighting to be able to spend six months at home with her baby…….read more

Health department cuts Sutherland Hospital child care centre because “not core business” 23 August 2015
The Koala Child Care Centre was told abruptly this week it would no longer receive payments from the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, which had been funding the centre for 25 years……read more

New ‘no jab, no play’ vaccination laws to be introduced in Victoria 16 August 2015
Victorian pre-schoolers will be banned from attending child care or kinder unless they are vaccinated… read more

Working mums to lose some or all of their government paid parental leave payments under new changes  09 August 2015
The majority are public servants. Almost 80,000 parents will lose some or all of their government parental leave payments under the changes to end so-called double dipping by workers who can access both the government scheme and an employer scheme. …. read more

G8 Education bolsters Affinity bid   03 August 2015
Child care operator G8 Education has bolstered its takeover bid for rival firm Affinity Education. …. read more

Labor looks to longer preschool hours     25 July 2015
Preschoolers might find themselves spending longer at school under a federal Labor government. …. read more

Everyday conversations loaded with learning opportunities for pre-schoolers 18 July 2015
Intentional teaching is a relatively new idea that is yet to really take hold, Professor Tayler said. But it was particularly important for those children at the lower end of the academic scale …. read more

Private schools expand into early childhood learning  12 July 2015
Private schools are descending on childcare centres to recruit their next crop of students…. read more

Trade in Services Agreement could see international childcare providers enter the Australian market   07 July 2015
A HIGHLY secretive deal being negotiated in Geneva could see giant international childcare providers enter the Australian market with more limited future government control on how they operate. .. read more

The industries set to fly and fall in 2015-16  30 June 2015
Growth in female workforce participation and strong government support for childcare providers are projected to support industry revenue growth of 12.2% in 2015-16.. read more

No Jab No Play has caused a rush to immunise  21 June 2015
The policy change has sparked a rush of parents contacting pro-immunisation groups including the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters group.. .. read more

NSW Government to review working with children clearances after criminals appeal against decisions  08 June 2015
Cases where people initially denied working with children clearance have had the decision overturned in court will be reviewed by the New South Wales Government.. read more

Looking inside the sausage machine: the budget is still unfair   02 June 2015
NATSEM’s analysis of the 2015-16 federal budget, the same as used by the Howard and Rudd–Gillard governments as a policy tool, has been likened by Treasurer Joe Hockey to a sausage machine..  read more

Tony Abbott’s attitude to paid parental leave sells women short  26 May 2015
Women, as the majority of primary-parents, are being sold short. The federal government’s policies to support women are vexed and send mixed messages. … read more

Australian workplace flexibility lagging  20 May 2015
A recent Ernst and Young report found women working part-time were the most productive in the workforce and recommended affordable child care as a way of enabling their careers… read more

Budget 2015: Government childcare package overlooks stay-at-home parents, Nationals say  10 May 2015
The $3.5 billion childcare plan is aimed at leaving 1.2 million families better off. But it has a heavy emphasis on encouraging increased workforce participation .. read more

Families earning over $180,000 a year could have childcare rebate reduced  19 April 2015
SCRAPPING the $7500 cap on childcare rebates that condemns parents to huge out-of-pocket costs is being seriously considered in the May budget as a trade-off to reducing the rebate for the wealthy.    read more

Tony Abbott’s main chance: Childcare   14 April 2015
Why is childcare the game changer? Because childcare matters for everyone read more

Anti-vaccination parents could be refused government benefits   07 April 2015
The Federal Government is planning to change laws so that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children won’t be able to claim benefits.  read more

Push for increase in childcare funding for babies and toddlers to urgently address shortage   25 March 2015
Pressure is growing on the Abbott government to fund new childcare spots for children under three years old, in a bid to fix a crisis in childcare availability.  read more

Childcare: New ideas for parents and kids  17 March 2015
Ask any parent and they will say childcare is a big concern for families today – especially for new parents who are weighing up the option of returning to work.   read more

Preschools seeking $4000 cash boost per child in pre-election commitments   09 March 2015
A CAMPAIGN demanding more money for preschools in NSW believes $4000 a year per child would make it easier for families to access the vital service. read more

Fact file: 11 facts about child care in Australia   04 March 2015
Following the scrapping of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s signature paid parental leave scheme, the Federal Government is now expected to turn its attention to child care.  read more

Vaccinate your children or forget Government rebate for daycare   22 February 2015
PARENTS who refuse to vaccinate their children must be stripped of childcare payments unless their care is quarantined to the family home.. read more

Extending taxpayers childcare subsidies to in-house nannies in doubt over cost   16 February 2015
SUPPORT for extending generous childcare subsidies to mums and dads using in-home nannies is under a cloud, with new documents revealing the federal government is in the dark about how much it would cost taxpayers.. read more

What is really wrong with our childcare system?           03 February 2015
DIRE problems with the accessibility and affordability of childcare can only be fixed by a significant overhaul of the system.  read more

Anti-vaccination group encourages parents to join fake church  28 January 2015
A controversial anti-vaccination group is encouraging people to sign up to a fake church because it may help them bypass Australia’s emerging “no jab, no play” childcare laws       read more

TAFE Illawarra and Big Fat Smile childcare centres form partnership  14 January 2015
In a memorandum of understanding, TAFE Illawarra childcare students will complete work placements at Big Fat Smile centres under professional supervision.  read more

Federal government to take a back seat in education?  08 January 2015
On early childhood the government is much less clear about what it considers the best path forward.          read more

Comment: There is no more money for childcare  16 December 2014
I have conducted research which draws on studies of childcare from both Australia and overseas to suggest that the two main areas where the government has mandated increased minimum standards — staff-to-child ratios and staff qualifications — have no significant or consistent bearing on children’s outcomes.  read more

Family day care operators will face new rules to stamp out dodgy operators  04 December 2014
The fraud clampdown will target family day care workers who swap their own children between each other and centres billing the government for phantom kids.  read more

How can we improve childcare in Australia? 22 November 2014
CHILDCARE, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest issues facing Australian parents. read more

Global momentum for measuring early learning outcomes & programme quality 17 November 2014
The importance of early development for later school achievement, earnings, health and well-being has been clearly established. read more

‘Junk science’ behind criticism of quality childcare 06 November 2014
A report by a free market think tank that found little evidence to support improving childcare quality has been rejected by academics and experts. read more

A heartfelt thank you to the people who look after our kids so we can work   30 October 2014
The educators are not all technically teachers but that is what they do. They are also friends and confidants, courts of arbitration, sources of advice and inspiration and a constant and stable presence in my children’s lives.   read more

Greens move to outlaw childcare centres in clubs 23 October 2014
Federal Parliament would ban child care centres from pokies clubs in Australia, under a new amendment to be announced by the Greens on Thursday.  read more

Child care not as easy as ABC  20 October 2014
Getting Think Childcare to the IPO starting blocks has not been as easy as ABC it seems. read more

Early intervention key in treating children with mental health issues  11 October 2014
The Hunter Institute of Mental Health has released a federally funded guide for staff to look for early signs of mental illness in the 1 million Australian children in childcare. read more

Sitting can be a trap for children 06 October 2014
With sitting for too long considered as dangerous as smoking, research by Wollongong University has found children are inactive 50 per cent of the time when in supervised care.  read more

Glut of childcare vacancies in Parramatta  02 October 2014
In Parramatta hundreds of places go unfilled, while some local government areas are still suffering from a chronic shortage of child care. read more

Male childcare workers under scrutiny from mistrustful parents   22 September 2014
Australian parents have been taking to online forums to express their mistrust of male childcare workers. read more

Growing need across Northern Districts for 24 hour childcare  17 September 2014
MIGRANT shift workers are leading the charge towards 24-hour child care which has resulted in a growing number of flexible family daycare centres popping up across the northern district.  read more

Clubs offer childcare in exchange for pokie profit tax break   14 September 2014
Clubs Australia executive director Anthony Ball has written to the commission’s childcare inquiry, urging it to consider the clubs offer as a “credible solution”  read more

NSW government announces report card for four-year-olds  10 September 2014
Until now, students transitioning from pre-school to kindergarten have relied on an ad-hoc reporting system run by individual schools. read more

Goulburn dangles childcare carrot in advertising campaign to lure Canberrans to the municipality  24 August 2014
Goulburn is trying to tempt Canberrans to up stumps and move to NSW, with an advertising campaign hitting the ACT where it hurts – in the childcare shortage   read more

Childcare tax rules too complex 18 August 2014
What is holding back mothers who want to work from re-entering the workforce or working extra days after having children? read more

G8 Education issues debt securities offshore  18 August 2014
G8 Education has dispelled any thoughts it may be about to launch an equity raising, instead opting for an offshore issue of debt securities. read more

Childcare experts react angrily toward productivity Commission proposals  14 August 2014  Children will struggle to meet their learning potential if a proposal to water down educational standards in early childhood is adopted, experts warn read more

Childcare company G8 buys more centres   11 August 2014
CHILDCARE company G8 Education continues to buy up more centres, a strategy that has helped deliver a 48 percent jump in half year profit. read more

Childcare sector growth outpaces checks 07 August  2014
QUALITY assessments of childcare providers have a long way to go, while the sector continues to expand. read more

Childcare rebate: Productivity Commission calls for means testing, says subsidy should cover use of nannies   22 Jul 2014
The childcare rebate for families should be means-tested, with middle and upper-income families paying more than they do now, a new report into the nation’s childcare system suggests. read more

The idiot dad’s guide to better childcare  22 Jul 2014
Two years ago your correspondent was told in a Super Nanny voice: “Go straight to the timeout corner young man!” read more